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The experience for adults


So you would like to volunteer abroad and get to know different people and cultures? How about teaching English in Spain? Our language immersion courses offer a unique opportunity to volunteer in Spain or Europe.

Earn a free holiday as a volunteer abroad

The experience for teens


Are you between 13 and 17 years old? Are you looking for volunteer holidays or volunteering work? Fancy traveling to other countries while getting to know people your same age? Would you like a week or two of fun holidays in Spain?

Earn a free holiday as a volunteer abroad


For English learners
Englischhausen in Germany
Pueblo Ingles in Spain


For English, French, Chinese, German learners
Language courses in Spain
Learn German in Spain
Learn Chinese in Spain
Learn French in Spain

Volunteering in Spain

Volunteering for 20 years old

Know other volunteer stories

Do you want to know other volunteer stories? Interesting people with real lives

We like to collect our anglo volunteer stories because they are interesting real life stories. Volunteers are the heart and sould of Pueblo Inglés. Know their stories, their lifes and find out about the different motivations that made them live Pueblo Inglés volunteering adventure.

To know more about the kind of people that use to come to Pueblo Inglés, please visit:


Conoce a algunos de nuestros anglos


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Are you looking for a job in Spain?


We are a growing organization that is continually looking for enthusiastic and dedicated staff. We are always looking for professional, dedicated and above all enthusiastic individuals for different positions to work in a multicultural environment.

Check out the job offers currently available.

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What they say about us

The Guardian

It’s a symbiotic deal, which gives English speakers the chance to trade in their native language abilities, for bed and board in a Spanish village


The Spaniards leave the program with greater conversational mastery of their second language, and the volunteers get enriched in other ways


A holiday in the beautiful Spanish rolling countryside where not only can you speak English, you have to!

The Boston Globe

A way to know the country by meeting the people. I’ve now got 20 Spanish friends

Volunteer with people of your same age!