Pueblo Inglés for Adults

Volunteering with Diverbo

Volunteers can enjoy a free week at one of our English-speaking villages. Our venues host English “talkathons” every week and we sponsor native English-speakers to be the protagonists!

A fun and rewarding experience is offered in exchange for your English conversation.

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Special Edition

Volunteering in Spain

What's involved?

In each week-long program, a group of 15-25 volunteers (from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, USA, etc) “populate” one of our beautiful hotel resorts and provide conversation in English, through a diverse daily schedule. Germans/Spaniards adults are there to practice and improve their English in a natural way.

Activities change every hour to keep it fun and engaging. One-to-one conversation periods are mixed with mealtime discussions, group sessions and evening entertainment.

“Talk your way to a free stay. And a cultural experience you will never forget!”

Who's it for?

The program represents a great opportunity for all native English-speakers who want to spend a week abroad enjoying culture, conversation, and connecting with people.

All native English-speakers are encouraged to apply, regardless of profession, ethnic background or religion. If you are fun, chatty and enjoy meeting people, then you could be the perfect volunteer!

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Where can I volunteer?

Our volunteering vacancies are at stunning locations around Spain and Germany. The venues are diverse and offer the chance to get off the beaten touristic track, to beautiful areas of countryside. Our volunteers are transported to their course venues from hub cities like Madrid, Munich and Frankfurt, so it’s a great chance to combine an interesting city-visit with rural and cultural elements.

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When can I volunteer?

Volunteer vacancies are available throughout the year, which makes them ideal for English speakers planning a trip in Europe – particularly Germany or Spain.

Once you have applied to be a volunteer, you will receive our seasonal updates regarding program dates and availability.

Volunteer vacancies are usually 6-8 days but duration does vary depending on the type of program or location.

Take a look at our 2020 calendar here!


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What's the next step?

We recommend that you navigate the full menu above before you apply so as to fully understand that this is not about teaching English and is not a free holiday as such either! Pueblo Ingles and Englischhausenvolunteers talk their way to obtain their stay!

Read further about the Diverbo Experience!

Volunteers are carefully selected to create a perfect mix

WHY should I volunteer?

Anna Johnston

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“I had such an amazing time at Monfrague! … I found that the Spaniards really improved speaking English and by the end of the week they had a lot more confidence with the language.”

Suzanne and Ted Yerdon

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“Over the course of the past several months while making arrangements for our three children to participate as volunteers I was very impressed by how thoughtfully the program was organized and your attention to details… Congratulations for a program well-run and for providing a fantastic development opportunity for our children.”

Craig Martin

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“Pueblo Inglés is quite simply brilliant! I met so many lovely, friendly people and still keep in touch with some of them. The settings are beautiful, the food divine, the activities great fun and the company great. I would recommend it to anyone and will be doing many more myself!”

The Guardian

It’s a symbiotic deal, which gives English speakers the chance to trade in their native language abilities, for bed and board in a Spanish village

The Boston Globe

A way to know the country by meeting the people. I’ve now got 20 Spanish friends


The Spaniards leave the program with greater conversational mastery of their second language, and the volunteers get enriched in other ways


A holiday in the beautiful Spanish rolling countryside where not only can you speak English, you have to!