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Diverbo Volunteers

The soul of the program!

The positive energy of our Pueblo Ingles and Englischhausen programs comes from our vast community of international volunteers.

We like to give diversity to our little villages by choosing volunteers of different nationalities, with distinct English accents, ages, backgrounds, professions and personalities…but there are a few all- important common traits:

  • Do you love conversation (up to 15 hours per day!)?
  • Are you patient & supportive enough to help the language learners?
  • Are you armed with stories and experiences?
  • Do you have an intellectually stimulating character?

Diverbo volunteers: in 10 profiles

  • 31-year-old Software Developer from Australia
  • 40-year-old Registered Nurse from Ireland
  • 23-year-old Political Science Student from Canada
  • 33-year-old Writer from South Africa
  • 65-year-old retired Professor of Art History from Scotland
  • 45-year-old Wedding Planner from California
  • 70-year-old TV Presenter and Journalist from England
  • 27-year-old Fashion Designer from Wales
  • 38-year-old Epidemiologist from Seattle
  • 45-year-old Production Manager from NY

You should be armed with stories of travels and experiences from your day-to-day life.

What does this experience offer each volunteer?

As a volunteer you will enjoy an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. This is what you will be offered as a Diverbo volunteer:

  • A unique insight into the culture without having to speak the country’s language. Our Volunteers get to know the students on a level that would otherwise be impossible without learning the language.
  • Our tranquil and stunning locations offer something different to the typical holiday destinations. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, are venues are bucolic and even magical.
  • The chance to get to know a group of diverse individuals from all walks of life and to form long-lasting friendships.
  • The chance to enjoy full active days without having to plan anything yourself. You can simply go with the flow!

And, above all, the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve had a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals.

A rewarding experience for yourself and a positive impact on others

What are your commitments during the program?

You might be asking yourself how much preparation and planning you will have to do to help the students. Well actually, all of the daily activities are organized so you just have to follow the instructions of the two team members that will be leading the program during your stay.

Our English speaking volunteers have to be dedicated to the program, and abide by the following rules:

  • To be prepared to talk, talk, talk in your own raw, natural and authentic style of English from breakfast until after dinner.
  • English or nothing! The reason for this is if the students realize their counterparts speak or understand their language they will relax and stop feeling the communication anxiety that we want them to feel.
  • To be patient and supportive to all the students when correcting the language errors
  • To be sensible and responsible in your free time to maximize the effectiveness and enjoyment of the program over the whole week
  • To be flexible and accommodating to the overall group well-being, particularly in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  • To be punctual throughout the week:  To ensure that the program schedule runs smoothly, and out of consideration to our staff members and your fellow participants, you must be on time for all activities.
  • Mobile phones and internet use should be limited to your free time.

Would I fit?

We have a rather broad age limit for participants at Diverbo: we accept applications from men and women from 22 to over 80! (13 to 17 year olds for the Teen version of the program)

You must be internet savvy (the whole application process is done online), organized and proactive enough to plan your trip. Unfortunately most of the sites are limited, for people with mobility problems.

During your stay at Pueblo Inglés or Englischhausen, you will have around 12 hours of conversation a day and sometimes even more! If you are friendly, communicative and think you can help the students feel at ease while they are out of their comfort zone, then volunteering with Diverbo is definitely for you.

Who are the students?

Each program involves between 15 to 25 students and similar number of volunteers. There is nearly always a diverse mix of ages, gender and professions. the students normally come from around Spain (or Germany in the case of Englischhausen).  Approximately 80% of the students are between 30 and 50 years old.

Whether they are sent by their employer, or pay out of their own pocket, they see the program as an opportunity for both career and personal development, as well as a chance to make friends from all over the world!  All of them will be grateful for your hard work, which will be evident in their warm and friendly approach despite the tiredness and mental overload that is sure to be inflicted on them!

  • 27-year-old IT consultant from Madrid.
  • 43-year-old engineering projects manager from Colombia
  • 38-year-old general physician, from Berlin
  • 54-year-old director of Sales and Marketing from Asturias
  • 35-year-old manager for an Insurance company, from Cadiz
  • 52-year-old Payroll Manager from Barcelona
  • 44-year-old accountant for banking company, from Dusseldorf
  • 39-year-old marketing manager from the Basque country
  • 46-year-old owner of bottled water company, from Galicia
  • 68-year-old retired, world traveler, from Stuttgart

Students at Englischhausen

Pueblo Ingles in Germany was launched in 2011 under the name “Englischhausen”.  It is focused on German professionals and lasts six days.

The volunteers gain a fascinating insight into modern German life and culture, whilst enjoying great food, excellent accommodation and a wonderful setting in the heart of the Black Forest, in the South West state of Baden-Württemberg, five kilometers from the town of Hornberg. At 971 metres above sea level, it’s a beautiful and peaceful spot, surrounded by nature and offering stunning views over the wooded mountain range.

If you’ve already been to Pueblo Ingles in Spain then this could be an exciting opportunity to see a different part of the world.

(*If applying to our German programs, due to limited hotel space, the likelihood of needing to share a room is very high. Therefore, we have to give preference to applicants who are willing to share.)


Participants: Why speaking only English is important?

Our clients are looking to learn English in the most engaging way. Since there are no classroom techniques, nor grammar-based activities, you, as their English speaking counterpart, must be up for the challenge of motivating conversation which taps into their likes, their loves and their hates. We ask the students to forget about grammar just talk!

We promise our clients that this will be a 100% English atmosphereand the presence of bilingual English Speakers is detrimental to the program. The moment a student has an inkling that they can be understood in their own language it jeopardizes completely the psychology and mindset that the program is designed to create. English must be everywhere with absolutely no escape!

English volunteers motivate students by tapping into their loves and hates

Who are the on-site staff?

All of the activities are led by a Program Director and a Master of Ceremonies, who will accompany you on each program. We have a team of about 10-12 people (teachers, actors, guides) who work our programs throughout the year.

Their 24 hour job is to guide the participants through the days and their activities. They will have the charisma and patience to work with the group, as well as the sensitivity to listen to the individual needs.

After every program they will provide individual feedback on each of the participants’ performance.

The Program Director, makes sure everything runs smoothly and:

  • Develops, organizes, implements and supervises daily schedules.
  • Solves any problems that might arise and acts as “point of contact” for the program participants and venue staff.
  • Attends to participants’ special needs (food, health, etc.)
  • Maintains an excellent relationship with the hotel and facilities staff.
  • Reports to the Pueblo Inglés office on a continuous basis to provide program updates.
  • In the event of accident or emergency, they will be there to accompany anybody to medical centre or the hospital. After every program they will provide individual feedback on each of the participants’ participation.

The Master of Ceremonies, keeps everyone entertained. He/she:

  • Develops, organizes, implements and supervises daily group and social activities.
  • Liaises with the group to ensure effective communication at all times.
  • Ensures that all activities (discussions, role-plays, theatre) take place successfully.
  • Provides a fun, energetic and encouraging atmosphere for all program participants.
  • Actively participates in and leads all programs.

Two staff members will be guiding the activities and taking care of the group throughout the program