The Experience

The Diverbo Volunteer Experience

Unique, fun and rewarding

Thousands of native English-speakers (or “Anglos” as we refer to them), have come from around the globe to immerse Spanish/German professionals in authentic English conversation.

Our volunteers do not have to teach English in a traditional format; they just have to bring a positive attitude, a passion for conversation and an interest in learning about people from different countries and cultures.

Diversity plays a key role at Diverbo: firstly in the way our volunteer groups are so mixed (different nationalities, ages, backgrounds, etc); and secondly in the way the daily schedule is so varied to keep things fresh and exciting.

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Your volunteer role

In order to provide Spanish/German participants with full exposure to English, your volunteering work will consist of:

  • Talking, talking & more talking – in one-to-one & group activities.
  • Speaking your own personal, raw and authentic style of English.
  • Encouraging students to speak & correcting their mistakes.
  • Being patient and supportive to help the students gain confidence.

Our program is designed in a way that allows you to just slip right in and go with the flow.  You just have to get here!

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Daily activities

Volunteers have one-hour “one-to-one”conversation sessions with each of the students attending.  During this time each pair decides if they would prefer to go for a walk, relax in the hotel lounge, grab a coffee – whatever they fancy! Additionally there will be “Icebreakers”, theatre skits, group games/challenges, telephone-based activities and an excursion or group-walk.

Mealtimes are an important part of the daily schedule as they provide a great opportunity for the students to practise dynamic conversation in what is often a vibrant atmosphere.  Anglos enjoy the good company and fantastic local food!


Other activities

The evening entertainment hour is a light-hearted and fun way to finish the days and work up an appetite before dinner! You will have the chance to participate in a theatre skit, tell a joke, present on a hobbyor anything that you think might be fun and/or interesting for the group. Anglos have given presentations on all kinds of things, from talking about their home towns and how to drink scotch, to demonstrating tai chi and karate.

Evening social activities will be organised for after dinner. Participation is optional but it tends to be a really fun part of the day if you have some extra energy to stay up with the students.  A party will also be organised one night so don’t forget your dancing shoes!


Example schedule

All of our daily activities are organized for you so you’ll never have to plan further ahead than your next fun activity or delicious meal!

10:00. “One-to-ones”

These 50-minute sessions give you the chance to chat to every student about anything and everything. You’ll be amazed by the interesting and diverse conversations that come up over a coffee or a stroll.

12:00 Telephone sessions

Anglos and students play out a couple of short role-play scenarios over the telephone. It is all explained in advance and meant to give students a chance to train their ears.

15:30-17:00. Free Time

During your free time you can go to the swimming pool, play basketball, tennis or football, go for a little walk or run, or even have a “siesta”!

17:00 Group activities

Split into small groups, these fun one-hour sessions see participants working together with a specific goal, be it to debate, convince, discover or decieve!

20:00 Entertainment hour

Normally a chance to sit back and enjoy entertainment from your fellow participants, you will also have the chance to present a topic of your choice, dazzle everyone with your theatrical or musical abilities, or to showcase some kind of other talent you might have!

Meal times are also important conversation opportunities and at every meal you will sit with two students and one other volunteer (but you can choose whom you sit with!).


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