Pueblo Inglés for Teens

Pueblo Inglés 2021 Dates

Take a look at our 2021 calendar here!

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HOW do I apply?

We recommend that you fully understand what the program involves before you apply. This is not a free holiday as such. Volunteers talk their way to obtain their stay!

If you think you could be a great candidate, check out the application form. Prepare your answers and then fill it out!

If you are a returning participant, you can skip the application form and request a date in the Volunteer Zone.


WHY should I volunteer?

Anna Johnston

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“I had such an amazing time at Monfrague! … I found that the Spaniards really improved speaking English and by the end of the week they had a lot more confidence with the language.”

Craig Martin

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“Pueblo Inglés is quite simply brilliant! I met so many lovely, friendly people and still keep in touch with some of them. The settings are beautiful, the food divine, the activities great fun and the company great. I would recommend it to anyone and will be doing many more myself!”

Suzanne and Ted Yerdon

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“Over the course of the past several months while making arrangements for our three children to participate as volunteers I was very impressed by how thoughtfully the program was organized and your attention to details… Congratulations for a program well-run and for providing a fantastic development opportunity for our children.”