The experience

Aims and objectives

Pueblo Ingles is an English immersion course for Spanish students to practice English without having to travel abroad. Native English speaking teenagers travel to Spain, where they live and converse with Spanish Teens during one week.

The help of native English speakers, the volunteers, or “Anglos”, as we used to refer to them), are essential to develop Spanish speakers’ ability and confidence when it comes to understanding and speaking in English.

As a volunteer  you will:

  • Act as their ‘English teacher’ but without grammar lessons.
  • Speak naturally, as you would with your friends back home.
  • Help Spaniards overcome their fear of speaking English.

In exchange, you will receive a paid “holiday” at our villages with room and full board included. This is the summer opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Typical day

Aside from all the chit chat …  IN ENGLISH, of course, there will be a ton of creative, fun and action-packed activities!

  • Icebreakers
  • Theatre
  • Group activities
  • Music
  • Arts & crafts
  • Sports
  • Half-day excursion
  • Fun fair
  • A special party.

During your free time you can go to the swimming pool, play basketball, tennis and football or go for a walk or run. Fear not, in the evenings there will be plenty of surprises too!


Your role during the program

Your job will not be to “teach” English; it will be to “expose” your Spanish friends to the English language by being talkative, inquisitive, and fun. Most of the Spaniards speak pretty good English but have not used the language much in real life situations. They need to build their confidence and know that they can speak and communicate with others in English. Your role will be to talk and listen, and to be patient and understanding!

Part of your job at Pueblo Ingles is to make sure that the Spaniards don’t group together and start speaking Spanish. Keep a close watch on small groups quietly talking amongst themselves without an Anglo in sight. Oh, and if we catch YOU speaking Spanish, we will order your head chopped off and placed on a pike in the town square! Only ENGLISH in Pueblo Ingles please!!!

You will need to be talktative, inquisitive and fun!

WHY should you come to Spain this summer?

There are a million and one reasons why you will love Pueblo Ingles!

  • You will have the opportunity to meet intriguing people from English speaking countries around the world.
  • You will be able to chat with Spaniards from all parts of the country and find out about their lives and their culture.
  • You will stay at a beautiful venue in the heart of the countryside.
  • You will be able to sample the local produce and cuisine offered in plentiful quantities.
  • You will forge friendships for life.

It’s also a chance for you to be responsible and proactive, which will look great on your CV/resume. Students who are required to earn volunteer credits will be awarded 100 hours for their participation. Your award certificate can be used for your school record of achievement.