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Summer 2021

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These are our venues for 2021:


Useful information

We provide volunteers with accommodation for the duration of the program (not the days before or after). Although the facilities provided vary slightly, therooms themselves are generally 3-4* hotel standard. Hotel services e.g. cleaning service, bath towels, basic toiletries, etc.are providedalthough we would recommend you to bring your own toiletries for the week.

Typically, there are no hairdryers, irons or kettles available, so please consider if you will need to bring such items, along with an appropriate adaptor.

There is one free internet terminal at each location, but please note that this will be shared by up to 50 participants!

In terms of any presentations you might like to give, there are limited power-point and video facilities at the venues, but arrangements can be made for dvd or cd players.

To find out more about the facilities available at a specific venue, please see the respective ‘venue’ tab on our website.

Can I come with a friend/relative/spouse?  The short answer is yes but there are a couple of key points to note.

Your travel partner will need to fill out his/her own application form and must be just as enthusiastic and committed to the program as you are. Please also be aware that unless you are sharing a room, you may not see your companion much throughout the day, including at meal times. This is partly due to the schedule but also down to the fact that we encourage people to mix as much as possible.

If you want to apply as a pair then please indicate this in the “travelling with” section of your applications. That way we’ll know to process you together.

We run teen programs (for 13-17 year olds), but if you would like to come as part of a parent/child combination then please note that this is only possible when the two types of programs are running simultaneously in the month of July. You and your teens will be located at different venues for the duration of the program.  Arrangements in Madrid can be made to allow you to both attend your respective Welcome Receptions.

We will try wherever possible to accommodate people in single rooms, but this cannot be guaranteed. Especially during peak periods there is a good chance that you will need to share a room with another volunteer of your same age range and gender.

In the case of the teen programs, as long as there is availability, you will be sharing a room with a Spanish student of your same age and gender.

If you are coming to the program as a couple or with a friend, then you would generally share a twin room, unless you specify otherwise. If you are going on a Teen program, we cannot guarantee that you will share with the friend whom you are travelling with.

All daily meals are plentiful and free.

Breakfasts offer hot, fried food (eggs, ham, etc.) as well as continental style breads, meats, cheeses and cereal. Also available is fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea. You can take as much or as little as you like.

All lunches and dinners are three courses with red wine and water. For starters and mains there is always a choice between two dishes and vegetarian alternatives.

We work with the kitchen to provide additional alternatives.  Please, remember to highlight any specific dietary requirements that you may have in your application.

Whilst people with more specific diets are welcome on the program and we regret that we cannot drastically alter the daily menus and recommend bringing some extra products as a backup option.

As most of our venues tend to be tucked into the hills of the countryside, depending on the time of the year temperatures can be swelteringly hot to downright chilly.

While Spain does have a higher frequency of days with the sun shining brightly above, some of those days at higher altitudes can be mixed with the wet or frozen ground below.

We recommend you check each venue and seasonal forecasts for specifics.

Venue by venue


We have regular programs running from mid-January through to the end of November with a higher concentration of programs taking place during the summer months. This is when the Teen programs kick in, only available in the month of July.

Programs usually take place over 8 days or 2 weeks.  If there aren’t any dates indicated for a specific venue that means that there aren’t any programs scheduled there.


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