Volunteer at Pueblo Inglés Twenty

Volunteer at Pueblo Inglés Twenty

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PLEASE WRITE TO volunteers@diverbo.com for more info about COVID-19 safety measures for 2021.

Helping others with their English is helping their future...and yours!

Visit Spain without having to speak Spanish and help other young adults improve their English! PuebloInglés TWENTY is a newly created 8-day English immersion course for university students and twentysomethings (18-22 years old) situated in getaway locations in the Spanish rural countryside. We bring together 20 Spanish students of the English language with 20 native English speakers where they get to know each other, share cultural differences, grow in teamwork through a dynamic mix of all kinds of fun and character-building activities…and all in English!

PuebloInglés TWENTY is not only geared toward helping young adults speak English better for personal improvement, but is also designed help prepare them for their professional future through professionally focused activities aimed at team building, leadership skills, job interviewing, and sales/marketing pitches to name a few.

As a volunteer experience, you get hands-on experience making all this happen and thus making a direct impact on the Spaniards’ future success!

After more than 15 years of running over 1000 adult and teen-age programs, PuebloInglés TWENTY is a new twist we have added to the young-adult segment.

Overall, a perfect exchange! There is no better way to learn about a country and culture than through its people. The Spaniards benefit from the English-only intensive environment without having to travel so far abroad.

All you have to do is come!

Your summer at PuebloInglés Twenty just one click away!

Help others and inspire them to learn and use English! At PuebloInglés TWENTY we provide a stimulating environment where you help others and learn yourself to:

  • Speak more clearly
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Inspire personal and professional development
  • Develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Have a blast while meeting people from around the globe

… and much more!

Volunteers for Pueblo Inglés Twenty

Who is the program for / who are we looking for? - For 2021

We are looking for culturally adventurous people with a desire to grow by helping others. Nothing beats learning a language outside the classroom from a variety of those that speak it! That’s where you come in as a volunteer.

As a native-English speaker, you bring your authentic version of the language to those who may have had limited contact with native-speakers, not getting a chance to practice and use their English effectively. Simply by being an engaging person you’ll be able to help improve their English and blossoming professional skills.

We select volunteers based on their life experience and passion that can be applied to the program. We try to balance nationalities (and accents), backgrounds and personal profiles as best as possible in order to provide variety. The main thing we ask you to be is outgoing and respectful, as well as to remember that our camp is an immersion experience and therefore “English only” (sorry no learning Spanish here…we have another program for that!) The rest tends to come naturally!

So, what do we offer in return?

We simply offer you the chance to get to know Spain and its people in a way you could never imagine. The contact ‘with the locals’ in Spain in a Pueblo Inglés program is something you can’t get anywhere else in the same period of time.

What better way to help others improve personally, professionally, while you do the same and make friends from all over the world!

Volunteering in Spain

What activities does the program involve? - For 2021

The classroom is never the ultimate place to learn a language, so we break away from it. The Pueblo Inglés (translated: English town/village) concept is one of creating a concentrated immersion experience for people learning English. If you have learned a foreign language yourself, you know the best way to learn is interacting directly with people and genuine experiences you never forget.

As our program is based on being able to converse with a variety of people, our main activity is the ‘one-to-one’, where speaking and listening skills are essential for a basic exchange between two people. Just by getting to know an interesting person in front of you, language is learned.

That’s why we invite native English speakers from all over the world to come to our programs. Not only are they able to help the Spaniards learn by giving them a mix of authentic English (be it British, American, Irish, Australian, etc.), but it gives them an insider’s view into the country and culture.

So, communicating in all types of contexts and dynamics is what we try stimulate.

Where are the best places in Spain to visit? What’s your university like? Have you ever run with bulls? What’s haggis? What’s the best decision for our team?…hurry, time is running out! How can we best start this presentation? What type of jobs are available where you are from? What’s the difference between American vs British English? Am I saying ‘Can you please pass the salt?’ correctly?

Our PuebloInglés TWENTY activities will expose the participants to questions like these and many more through the following types of activities:

• 1-to-1 conversations sessions
• Small-group discussions and debates
• Marketing roleplays
• Mini-presentations
• Mock job interviews
• Theatrical sketches
• Improvised music
• Meal-time conversation

Thanks to literally thousands of past volunteers we know that when you throw English-language learners into the pool with native speakers, they learn how to ‘swim’ quickly. Our system provides unique challenges and opportunities for both sides to share and learn….and all in the name of English!

What does it cost? - For 2021

If you fancy a fun holiday in Spain, you simply need to get here.

Whether by plane, train, bus, or donkey, once you are in Madrid you can connect up with our program and we host you for the entire week for free! All you have to pay for is your flight/transportation, any pre- and post-program accommodation and we take care of the rest! This includes the bus transportation from and back to Madrid, full room and board at a 3-4 star hotel along with breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. *

*snacks, drinks outside of meals, local purchases are not included.

We also include basic medical insurance to cover any minor health issues should they arise during your stay. We encourage everyone, however, to have their own travel insurance policy while at our program.

Teach english in Spain

How do I apply? - For 2021

We recommend that you fully understand what the program involves before you apply. This is not a free holiday as such. Volunteers talk their way to obtain their stay!

If you think you could be a great candidate, check out the application form. Prepare your answers and then fill it out!

If you are a returning participant, you can skip the application form and request a date in the Volunteer Zone.

Take a look to our calendar for summer 2021!

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering has so many dimensions to the benefits! In a Pueblo Inglés program, not only do you get to see immediate progress in confidence and effective communication, but there are things that are simply surprising, inspiring and will have you laughing for hours.

That is why.