Pueblo Español.

Pueblo Español.

Diverbo is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates short-term intensive Spanish courses. Whether you need to improve your grammar or fluency, the programs are carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts.


Learn Spanish in Spain with Diverbo!

Pueblo Español is especially designed to expose Spanish learners to as much conversational Spanish as possible a 6 or 8-day total immersion program. Pueblo Español activities’ are oriented and organized for a complete immersion in the Spanish language, while enjoying the people, its food and culture.

Think of it like a Spanish retreat, where phones and use of internet is limited so you only hear Spanish during your stay. In our Pueblo Español venues, you will be forced to speak Spanish or nothing…are you up for the challenge?


If your Spanish is a little rusty and you feel like you need to brush up on your grammar, you can sign up to a 16-hour, 4-day intensive Spanish course in Madrid the week prior to the immersion course.


Not enough time to get away from work? How about a 3-day Weekend course at Villa Inglesa to brush up on grammar and fluency. Contact us to check next date available!




  • Comprehension:
    I’m going to listen to different Spanish accents in real-life situations Speaking Spanish.
  • Communication:
    I’m going to increase my vocabulary and expressions by leaps and bounds!  I’m going to practice saying what I want to express naturally with de Spanish language.
  • Confidence:
    I’m going to lose the fear of not being understood and of making mistakes when speaking Spanish.
  • Culture:
    I’m going to gain a new appreciation for the Castilian ways and many international differences in Spanish.  ¡Voy a vivir la experiencia!


Intensive Spanish clases: 4 days of classes in our Madrid headquarters, prior to each immersion. Take our group classes in the morning and enjoy what the city has to offer in the afternoon/evenings.

Pueblo Español: Immerse yourself for 6 or 8 full days, from in a beautiful Spanish village among our Spanish participants. Courses are available from March to November,

Villa Inglesa: Our 3-day Weekend courses  are also available for those who wish to advance on their grammar and fluency among Spanish teachers. From Friday to Sunday, the schedule combines classroom Spanish (in groups or individually), with conversation Spanish in meals and group activities.

Pueblo Español for students: In the month of July, we also have a Student version of the program for candidates between 13 and 17 years of age. In this case, programs combined with volunteering in teaching to Spaniards in Pueblo Ingle, you can you prolong your stay in Spain to up to 3 weeks.

Dates and venues for 2020:

Check out the dates here


The TRH Baeza Hotel  (province of Jaén) has been a UNESCO World Heritage city since 2003.  Both towns will allow even more contact with locals….a chance to use your skills, be it buying something from a shop, finding your way around the enchanting village, or even listening to the local town gossip!

The Casón de la Pinilla is located in the province of Segovia, 100km from Madrid. Segovia is a medieval city that lays high on a hill in between two rivers. The Casón de la Pinilla is the Exclusive Training Center of Diverbo. It is a cozy rural accommodation with 12 rooms, recently renovated and decorated, with a personalized service, a perfect space for small groups and a quiet and natural environment.

Check out our two venues here.


This is what makes Pueblo Español different:

  • 15 hours of intensive, daily Spanish conversation
  • Accents from all over Spain
  • Interaction with native Spanish-speaking volunteers
  • A stimulating and entertaining atmosphere made comfortable by our expert facilitators


  • A schedule designed to balance and maximize the learning intensity
  • Focused activities to improve listening comprehension, communication skills, and self-confidence
  • More than 100 total hours of learning experience while speaking Spanish
  • Valuable social networking
  • Combining accelerated learning and cultural for an unforgettable life experience!



Wondering what you will be doing during the program?

Tú a Tú (One-to-one)
This is the “star”activity at Pueblo Español. A Spanish speaker talks to a student during a 50 minute session. Every hour you switch partners, so that you speak with a volunteer with a different accent.

Desayuno, comida, cena (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Two Spanish speakers and two students are seated at each table.  Even meal time is a valuable moment to continue listening and speaking while enjoying the local cuisine.

Dinamicas de grupo (Small-group dynamics)
Small-group dynamics, topic-oriented challenges and energizers keep the synergy going.

Sesiones telefónicas (Telephone sessions)
Day-to-day, real-life communication situations over the phone. Whether you need to negotiate a contract or make travel arrangements you can practice this dynamic through telephone sessions.


Teleconferencias (Conference calls)
Numerous role-play situations are scheduled to help you to build confidence in conference call situations and interactive meetings.

Presentaciones (Presentations)
Numerous role-play situations are scheduled to help you to build confidence in conference call situations and interactive meetings.

La hora ludica  (Entertainment hour)
In order to facilitate learning and overcome barriers, enjoying the experience is fundamental.  Most evenings before dinner, the Pueblo Español participants meet for an hour to laugh and learn through presentations, performances, sketches, and more.

Horas sociales (Social time)
After dinner the Spaniards are still full of energy! Think you can keep up and prolong your day tod keep the conversations flowing?

Why is Pueblo Español different other Spanish courses?

Pueblo Español

  • 15 hours of intensive Spanish training a day
  • Different accents
  • Interaction with native Spanish speaking volunteers
  • A social and life experience
  • Excursions and culinary experiences
  • ¡Viviendo el español!


Pueblo Español gives you everything that a typical grammar course lacks.

Other Spanish Courses

  • Too many grammar classes and not enough conversation practice
  • You only hear the teacher’s accent
  • You don’t get to practice outside of class
  • You don’t meet native or interact in depth with Spanish-speakers
  • You don’t have one-to-one ratio with undivided attention from the native speakers


The participants


This language immersion program is for anyone who wants to improve their listening and communication skills, as well improving self-confidence when speaking in Spanish, gain fluency and self-confidence.  You might need Spanish in your professional life or be learning just for pleasure and to be able to travel. Whatever your motive is, this is the most intensive course you will find! Remember, you must have a minimum conversation level and know that only Spanish is spoken here!

Spanish speakers

Don’t be mistaken, immersion is tough.  Having caring, interested, and inspiring people to teach you makes all the difference!  Our ‘españoles’ are carefully selected volunteers who are not only native Spanish-speakers, but represent a variety of professions and backgrounds. They come from different regions and backgrounds, bringing a natural communication style and different accents. The hard work wouldn’t be worth it if not balanced with the humor, candor and energy of our Spanish volunteers.  Their motivation is to tell you all about Spanish culture, have fun and help you learn their language….¡auténtico español!


All of the activities are led by a Program Director, who will accompany the group throughout the program.  Our staff member is in charge of developing, organizing, supervising and implementing the daily activities as well as overseeing that everything runs smoothly. They lead the group with energy and enthusiasm and make sure the students and Spanish speakers make the most out of their experience, both linguistically and personally.


Chrissie T.

Student, participated in Pueblo Español

“A person embarking on Pueblo Español needs to know about the ‘rule’ of the total immersion…i.e. no speaking their own language to the volunteers or each other in the day, or evening. All the waking hours, we interacted in Spanish. About 16 hours a day!”

Alicia C.

Volunteer, participated in Pueblo Español

“Llegué a Pueblo Español, sin intención, por “casualidad” como voluntaria. Pensé: “si no me gusta sólo son 8 días y siempre puedo aprovechar la experiencia como observador para mi trabajo” (soy Coach y me apasionan las personas). Ha sido una vivencia realmente gratificante en todos los sentidos, el intercambio cultural es riquísimo empezando por los propios voluntarios y por supuesto con los “anglos”. Todos veníamos de rincones diferentes del mundo, el nivel cultural de los participantes es excelente lo que da una gran calidad al programa. Para repetir.”

Vincent Mc.

Volunteered at Pueblo Inglés

“I was most impressed with the Spanish speakers. In our group one the English speakers was struggling with Spanish, and as a group they assisted and encouraged him in every way, so much so that his Spanish improved dramatically.”

Requirements and price

  • Assessment level test: The recommended level to take full advantage of the course is lower-intermediate conversation. This corresponds with an A2.2-B1.1. level according to the levels established by the Common European Framework for Languages.Your level can be assessed over the phone/skype.  Schedule your free level test now!


  • Age: The age average is about 45, but we have students of all ages and profiles (business and non-business) The Summer Student programs are for candidates between 13 and 17 years of age. And there is a version for University Students, for students between 18 to 23 years old.
  • Admission process: If you have the required level, you can go ahead and book a date by email! To reserve your spot, you will be required to pay a registration fee of 200€. You will receive a full Welcome Package that includes information on how to plan your trip Spain and get ready for the program.


If you don’t know what level you are at, feel free to contact us to get level tested! We will need to conduct a short phone-based assessment level test at a time convenient for you.  In a quick conversation we can advise you whether you are recommended to take the 4-day Intensive classes or if you can go straight to the 8-day immersion.


You can contact us e anytime from 9 to 7pm GMT+1 at +34 913 913 400 or by skype. If the time doesn’t suit you, we’re happy to contact you at your convenience. Send us your contact details and let us know what time you would like to be reached.



  • 2020: The price for the 8-day immersion (7 nights) is 1,980€. And for the 6-day immersion (5 nights) is 1,485€.

Ask for special discounts applied to past Pueblo Ingles volunteers!


5/7 nights in 1st class rural accommodation Included
Full board (individual rooms) with en suite bathroom Included
Local excursions and time to explore the sites Included
Culinary and cultural experiences Included
Transport from and back to Madrid Included
Insurance coverage Included
Total Spanish immersion amoug Spaniards Included
Two supervisors: The Program Director and the Master of Ceremonies Included
Price (7 nights) 1,980€
(5 nights) 1,485€.
  • 2020: Total price of 4-day Spanish intensive classes is €280*  and it includes:
    *If booked with the Pueblo Español course, the price of the course is €195:


16 hours of classes prior to each immersion in our Madrid heaquarters Included
All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers Included
Practical and dynamic group classes Included
Classes: Grammar, Practice, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking Included
In our office, located very close to the Madrid city centre Included
Price (booked with Pueblo Español course) €195

Student program (13 to 17 years old)

*   The full program price for the Student program, including full room and board in a shared room, transport to and from Madrid to the venue, the excursions, material and insurance is 1,380€ . Your other expenses include your travel and a welcome and departure pack if you are travelling alone. All minors travelling alone can book this service for about 150€ including: airport pickup/drop-off, your hotel in Madrid the night before/after the program, meals and chaperoning during your stay. Your only expense during the program would be soft drinks outside of meals and souvenirs!

What do I do next?

  • Schedule an assessment level test if you don’t know your level.
  • Check availability and book a date!
  • Make your reservation and start planning your travel to and from Madrid, Spain
  • Arrange accommodation in Madrid before/after the 8-day full immersion program (and for the duration of the 4-day intensive course if also booked).
  • Review notes and prepare yourself to forever improve my Spanish speaking abilities!