La Alberca - Doña Teresa

La Alberca - Doña Teresa, Salamanca

Learn Spanish in the charming rural Doña Teresa hotel in la Alberca.

Located in the beautiful Sierra de Francia hills and historically inhabited by Jews, Arabs and Christians, La Alberca was named Spain’s first National Heritage Site in 1940.  Despite its popularity, the town still maintains its magical, lost-in-time feel.  Apart from your opportunity to explore the town during your ‘tú a tú’ sessions or in your free time, we will provide organized visits to learn about this Spanish Heritage gem in more detail, including the church, house museum, main square, and unforgettably friendly people.

The Accommodation

With views of the town, countryside, courtyard of garden, the rooms have private bathrooms and are perfect for relaxing, unwinding after a hard day and preparing to give your best for the next day.
The hotel’s spacious rooms are furnished in wood, stone and locally embroidered fabrics. There is a café/bar, a courtyard and several lounges where you can interact with the other participants.  The hotel provides additional quaint spaces for us to gather for our special group activities.  Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy local cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant, “La Abuela Carmen”.


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Location details

The venue is about 80 km from the city of Salamanca and just under 300km from Madrid. We organize transport from and back to Madrid, leaving on the morning of the first day of the program and coming back in the evening of the last day of the program.

During the summer and summer La Alberca has warm and sunny skies and temperatures that range from 17°C – 35°C (62°F – 95°F). During fall and winter months Salamanca can get quite breezy and rain showers are common, not to mention the possibility of a dusting of snow if cold fronts hits just right.  An umbrella and warm jacket are essential items during this time when temperatures range from around 0°C (32°F) during the night to 14°C (57°F) during the daytime.